In today’s article I’ll share some secrets that super affiliates use, so you can join their
ranks and start earning the big bucks.

After all, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. And here’s

  • You don’t need to create or stock any products.
  • You don’t need to process orders or refunds.
  • You don’t need to do product support.
  • You don’t even need to write sales copy or create sales videos.

You basically send traffic to a web page, make a sale and collect a commission.

Once you figure out how to do it right, you simply rinse and repeat with other products
and services in your niche.

The problem is, about 90% of affiliates struggle to earn any meaningful money.

Maybe the top affiliates know some secrets that you don’t. I’ll share some of those secrets with you.

  1. Focus on ‘Evergreen’ products in evergreen niches

An evergreen niche is one that people will be buying products in virtually forever.

In case you’re wondering, the IM niche (Internet marketing) is one of the best niches in the
world because it is evergreen. People will always want to find ways to earn on online, and
more and more people will always be coming into this niche.

An example of a niche that is not evergreen is something that is here today, but may be
gone tomorrow.

When you choose a niche where people are purchasing products every day, you can be in
it for the long haul.

2. Focus on recurring products

Have you ever promoted products that have a recurring element? These let you get paid
over and over from just one purchase.

I’ve promoted membership products and web services and earned more that $500 from a
single customer over a multi-year period. It’s not as hard as you may think. Build up
enough of those customers and you have a nice recurring revenue source.

Remember, people are happy to pay a fair price for a service they need, such as Aweber
autoresponders, so why not help them make an educated decision and benefit long-term.

Of course not all products you promote will be recurring. But try to mix in at least a few
from time to time. Even if the recurring element is sold in the funnel. There’s nothing
better than monthly commissions.

3. Grow your own email list

I know, you’ve probably heard it over and over, you need a list. And most affiliate
marketers skip past this step so they can get to the commissions faster. But that’s a
mistake. Here’s why…

When you focus on building an email opt-in list, you are building a permanent resource for
future sales. Each time you promote an affiliate product you can send all your past
customers to the offer. And if you’ve helped them through the years with solid
recommendations, they will be a warm resource. Warm resources convert far better than
cold traffic that has no idea who you are.

4. Don’t use the vendor’s promotional material

Most affiliate marketers make the mistake of using the material that the vendor creates for
their affiliates. The problem with this strategy is that all the vendor’s other affiliates are
using the same material! This leads to everyone using the same keywords, promos and
banners, which dilutes results significantly.

Super affiliates go the other direction and develop their own promotional material. They
write their own promos, come up with their own keyword lists and even create their own
review videos. This helps them stand apart. They get better search engine ranking for their
product reviews, more exposure to their affiliate link and more commissions.